Fostering Jewish-Arab Multiculturalism through Staff Trainings at Hebrew University

The Abraham Fund, in partnership with the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and supported by the Hanns Seidel Foundation, today began operating a pilot program which, for the first time, trains University staff to provide culturally attuned services, fostering a multicultural Jewish-Arab campus.
The pilot program will bring the course to 20 members of administrative staff and a summer course for 20 members of the University’s security staff.

The Segregation of Jewish and Arab Women in Maternity Wards

After the unofficial segregation policy between Arab and Jewish women in maternity wards in Israel was exposed on the Israeli radio station "Reshet Bet", we Issued a letter to Minister of Health, Yaakov Litzman, in collaboration with The Coalition Against Racism In Israel and The Reform Center for Religion and State, requesting that he issue clear guidelines and clarifying that distinction between new mothers is prohibited. Additionally, we requested that the ministry develop a system for both following up and enforcing these guidelines and regulations.

We invite you to read the attached full letter

Mandatory Arabic Studies from First Grade

Learning each others language is an important step in building a shared Jewish-Arab society in Israel. TAFI welcomes proposed legislation for mandatory Arabic studies (for Jews) and Hebrew studies (for Arabs) starting from first grade.

Deterioration in Jewish-Arab Relations in Israel

Over the last few days, hostilities between Israel’s Jewish and Arab citizens have increased. Absent leadership and vigorous enforcement, this deterioration can spread widely to a civil conflict that can endanger the stability of our society, one where Jews and Arabs closely live, work and learn together.

Yom Kippur and Eid-al Adha will coincide

On 23 September 2015, Judaism and Islam's holiest days, Yom Kippur and Eid al-Adha, will coincide. Since these two festivals are observed so differently, and there is limited public awareness of either's traditions, this could be a cause for provocation in Israel.

Help us use this 'shared day' to promote the voice of peace and tolerance in Israel. Watch our video which will be aired on Israeli TV networks and across social media.

Emerging Leaders

Wanting to see more women and young adults in leadership roles within their communities and Israeli society at large were among the encouraging findings of a recent Abraham Fund study of Arab voter attitudes. Pilot programs now underway will chart the course for a multi-year investment in training next-gen Israeli Arab leaders.

Equal and Accessible Services

This new Abraham Fund initiative works with government agencies, businesses and civil society organizations to advance the provision of equal and accessible services as we aim to narrow the gaps that divide Israel’s Arab and Jewish communities, while strengthening the foundation for a just and inclusive society.

Public Education, Advocacy and Government Relations

The Abraham Fund’s reputation – within government, civil society and the media – as a valued partner and resource in the field of Jewish-Arab relations positions us as one of a handful of shared Jewish-Arab NGOs with trusted access to both Israel's Arab leadership and government officials.