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Slifka and Malkin Coexistence Scholarship Programs 2010 for Jewish and Arab Candidates
March 14, 2010

Brandeis University, Massachusetts, USA is offering two scholarships to four bachelor’s degree candidates who have demonstrated commitment to coexistence efforts in Israel and who are passionate about continuing their coexistence involvement in a university community.  One Arab Israeli student and one Jewish Israeli student will be selected for Spring 2010 entry.
The Sylvia and Joseph Slifka Israeli Coexistence Scholarship is a full scholarship awarded to two Israeli citizens; one Arab and one Jewish. The scholarship will provide the resources for tuition, on-campus room and board, and a round-trip air ticket each year between Israel and the United States. Applicants must be Israeli citizens, demonstrate strong academic achievement and English proficiency and have been involved significantly in coexistence efforts. Slifka Scholars are chosen on the basis of their academic achievements and their ability to make a contribution to student life through their leadership skills and interaction with other students. The scholarship is open to Israeli Jews and Israeli Arabs who are committed to and will work to foster greater tolerance and understanding between Arab and Jewish Israelis.


The Judd and Jennifer Malkin Scholarship is a full scholarship provided by the Judd and Jennifer Malkin Israeli Scholar Endowment Fund. This Fund was created to foster greater tolerance and understanding in both Israel and the United States. Candidates must be Israeli citizens and must present evidence of serious involvement in coexistence efforts. The scholarship will provide the resources for tuition, on-campus room and board, and a round-trip air ticket each year between Israel and the United States. Dual U.S. and Israeli citizens are not considered for this award.


Qualifications and Application Process:


Deadline for applying: April 1st, 2010


Applicants interested in these scholarships should submit an application online.


They should also submit the following supplemental materials to the Brandeis University Office of Admissions:

• Official copies of all high school transcripts as well as marks from any national exams. If the original documents are not in English, please submit both the original documents as well as English translations.
• Two letters of recommendation from teachers who have instructed you in core academic courses. You may also submit recommendations from supervisors or community leaders with whom you have worked.
• School Report and letter of recommendation from a school official.
• Written statement from the student describing interest in and experience with coexistence efforts.
• International Student Application for Financial Aid
• Results from the at least one of the following standardized tests: TOEFL, IELTS, SAT or ACT


About Brandeis University

Brandeis is a private, liberal arts research university located nine miles west of Boston.  Founded in 1948 by Members of the American Jewish community, Brandeis stands in the tradition of America’s great universities in welcoming students from all backgrounds.  Total enrollment is 4,600 (3,200 undergraduates and 1,400 graduate students). More than 100 countries are represented.


Ms. Katy West at Brandeis University:

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